Rusty Taco Franchises

Thank you for considering Rusty Taco as your franchise partner. What began as a simple, family-operated taco stand has now quickly blossomed into a leading edge Quick Service Restaurant concept. Validated by our lines of happy customers and peers, our goal is to find the right partners who sincerely believe in the Rusty Taco concept and vision.

-Rusty Fenton

Why Rusty Taco

Rusty Taco is a very straightforward concept.

  • Offer a simple menu of tasty and authentic tacos prepared fresh every day, using many of the cooking techniques found in Mexican kitchens.
  • Serve the food quickly in a unique and fun atmosphere in a variety of locations and among all demographics.
  • Become a fun part of the community, a local hang out, and not just another typical chain restaurant.

Rusty Taco is unique in the market. Folks gotta’ eat,
and Rusty Taco is going to feed them.

  • Low start up cost with a proven potential for high sales. Rusty Taco is a low risk business venture.
  • Taco demand is swelling because it is a fast, inexpensive meal of quality ingredients.
  • Menu board concepts offer low labor costs and good food value.
  • Rusty Taco is a smart choice in the current economy because it attracts diners of all disposable income levels.

Available Markets

Rusty Taco is expanding rapidly across the United States with experienced multi-unit operators. View the map below to see states with available opportunities.

In the News & PR Guide - 10 Best Tacos in Dallas: Rated #1- “I love this former-brakes-place-turned-taquería. It’s my favorite taco place now. It’s all about the taco here.”

The Dallas Morning News - “With tacos this good, it’s not surprising that Rusty Taco has so quickly gained a foothold, offering more polish than basic taco stands. It’s a welcome addition to the scene.”

D Magazine - “… Rusty Taco may have the friendliest staff in town. Opened by Rusty Fenton, who co-founded Uncle Julio’s, this mechanic shop-turned-taco shop keeps it simple. All the handmade street-style tacos are $2 and small enough to pick up. Our favorite, the signature Rusty Taco, balanced the sweet acidity of fresh pineapple chunks with roasted pork scented with achiote, a sweet and peppery rusty-toned spice.”

Dallas Observer- “For their use of fresh ingredients including deliciously prepared tortillas and a crazy spicy chipotle crema, we award this week’s Toque to Toque bragging rights and all the pageantry that goes with the title to Rusty Taco. Well played my friend.”

Minnesota Post - “Best. Cheap.Tacos.Ever. Well, maybe not ever, but… it’s tough to think of another fast food that offers freshness, quality and variety as well as newcomer Rusty Taco. If it’s not a chain in the making, it should be. … and 48 more!”



“With tacos this good, it's not surprising that Rusty Taco has so quickly gained a foothold, offering more polish than basic taco stands.”

– Dallas Morning News

“The genius of the place is how it has adapted Mexico’s petite cilantro- and onion-garnished street tacos for gringo palates (and decorating senses) without diluting too much of the food’s old-school charm and flavor."

– The Eatery